Locate element by Xpath.

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Locate element by Xpath.

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Right now we can highlight an element based on ID of an element,

however we need a functionality where, a node is selected based on relative XPath,
Is there any way to retrieve object of HtmlElement based on XPath?

We tried doing it with .net classes for XPath and that returns XPathElement,
however to set background color (for highlighting), HtmlElement is needed,

Assigning temporary IDs to Html elements is not the solution for us.

Any help regarding this is much appreciated.
Posted 09 Oct, 2012 08:23:47 Top
Andrei Smolin

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I don't think this question relates to Add-in Express for IE and .NET. I suggest that you google for the answer. I've happened to find this topic:


My knoledge of this theme are limited so I suppose your googling would be better tham mine.

Andrei Smolin
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Posted 11 Oct, 2012 02:32:00 Top

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Hi Andrei,

Thanks for your response.

Posted 11 Oct, 2012 06:46:14 Top