Differences between 3 project types?

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Differences between 3 project types?

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What are the differences between an IE Add-on, IE Bar, and IE Toolbar? I haven't found anywhere, especially in the PDF developer's guide, that explains this.

Posted 22 Jun, 2012 12:16:32 Top
Eugene Astafiev


Hi Eric,

Thank you for pointing this to us. We consider adding such a description (the difference between Add-in Express projects) to the "Developer's Guide" document.

The ADX IE Add-on wizard allows to create an Internet Explorer add-on which can include Bars and Toolbars (the rest projects) and handle Internet Explorer and HTML/DOM events. The ADX IE Bar and ADX IE Toolbar wizards allow to create separate Bar and Toolbar projects correspondingly.
Posted 23 Jun, 2012 15:27:29 Top