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Add-in Express extension localisation
How to use localised resources 
Vladimir Lvov

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In my Add-in Express extension I am trying to use the standard .Net localisation technique with language resources stored in the satellite dlls. The .Net runtime engine cannot find and use these dlls, probably, because they are not stored in the same folder as the iexplorer.exe. What is the best way to localise the Add-in Express add-on?
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Posted 25 May, 2012 09:42:04 Top
Eugene Astafiev


Hi Vladimir,

Please note that you develop an IE extension (not a standalone application). That is why you need to use the Localizable and Language properties of the IE module class.

Also I have found some similar entries on our technical blog: Video: Localizing your Office COM add-in and Office add-in localization: ribbon and commandbar controls, task panes etc.. They describe Office COM add-ins. But this technique is common for all Add-in Express based plug-ins and can be applied to Internet Explorer add-ons too.
Posted 25 May, 2012 10:08:26 Top