adxloader poor performance

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adxloader poor performance
Omri Suissa

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As you already know, you have a performance issues in your adxloader module.

I've read all the posts in your forums (both IE and Office) about it.

We encounter this problem, and i think many others, on terminal server environment but i'm not sure this is the only case.

This is not a certificate issue (we cancel the "check for publisher certificate").

The problem occurs (like in other cases) when the adxloader perform "Unwrapping the managed class":

9:38:09 0928 3980 Creating a new application domain.
19:38:09 0928 3980 Success.
19:38:28 0928 3980 Unwrapping the managed class.
19:38:28 0928 3980 Success.

This occurs both on IE and Office addons - so this is not an Office related issue.

Just to make sure, we rewrite our IE addon in C++ and this problem doesn't occurs (so this is not an inherent problem in IE addon's mechanism).
At this point i didn't know if this is an ADX or .Net framework problem (but for us it doesn't matter).

I wanted to be sure, so we rewrite our excel addin (with the same loading performance problem of course) in VSTO and it works fine, so now we are sure this is not a .net framework problem and not an inherent problem in the IE or Office addons mechanism - this must be an ADX problem.

As you can imagine, this is a "deal breaker" issue for our customers and for us when using ADX framework.

We don't wont to stop using ADX framework, we are very pleased with the level of functionality and support, but this it a critical issue for any framework.

Responding "this is a windows \ .net" problem doesn't help in this case (even if its true) because this is not a feature that we can remove from our product, this is a mandatory demand.

If you already solved this issue - great, please share the solution.

If not, please try to solve this issue again because this is a critical problem in your framework and a "deal breaker" for your customers.

We have a premium subscription but i don't see the loader code, we will be more than happy to get it and try to solve the problem from our side also.

Since we have a customer that can't use our system right now we want to invest as much time needed to solve this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you for the support and understanding of this critical and time urgent issue,
Omri Suissa
DiffDoof's VP R&D
Posted 07 Mar, 2012 03:56:33 Top
Andrei Smolin

Add-in Express team

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Hi Omri,

We are eager to know the cause of the issue.

#1. Abstractly, the issue can be caused by some problem in the code (like you suppose).

I'm sure you've read my posts about delays at add-in startup. In particular, in this post I published a code fragment that prints the "Success" strings mentioned in the log from your post. Here it is again:

IfFailReturn(m_pLocalDomain->CreateInstance(CComBSTR(szAssemblyName), CComBSTR(szClassName), &pObjHandle));   
WriteToLog("Unwrapping the managed class.", "");  

I'm sure this code doesn't cause the issue. To let you confirm or disprove my statement, I'll send you the source code of the loader in a couple of minutes (we send it our Premium customers on request only).

#2. Another possibility is: the issue is environment-related.

Please confirm that the issue is reproducible on the affected PC if you perform the steps below:

- turn OFF "Check for publisher's certificate revocation" in IE settings
- turn OFF the antivirus software that you use

Also, we got this portion of information (not sure it is relevant):

Outlooks hangs for 3 minutes after installing the plugin. The customer found out that the plugin tries to get this certificates {a list of sites}. Under normal conditions this is not an issue, but the customer is using proxy setting based on .pac files and this are not supported in the Microsoft CRM client for Microsoft Office Outlook, So the plugin cannot reach the above mentioned websites, and that makes Outlook hang.

Please check whether turning OFF all other Outlook add-ins and Exchange extensions (if applicable) helps or not.

Also, I'd like that you re-check the scenario with VSTO add-in working and an Add-in Express add-in loading slowly. This is the very first time I get such a statement. May I have the two projects and their assemblies?

Omri Suissa writes:
Just to make sure, we rewrite our IE addon in C++ and this problem doesn't occurs (so this is not an inherent problem in IE addon's mechanism).

I don't see the point. In Add-in Express based extensions, we must load initialize .NET Framework and load your assembly. And C++ is a pure Win32 code....

Regards from Belarus (GMT+3),

Andrei Smolin
Add-in Express Team Leader
Posted 07 Mar, 2012 07:13:19 Top
Omri Suissa

Posts: 137
Joined: 2011-10-17
Did you got my email about the source code differentiation?

Posted 08 Mar, 2012 05:39:25 Top
Eugene Astafiev


Hi Omri,

Sure! I have just answered you. Please check out your Inbox.
Posted 08 Mar, 2012 07:08:47 Top