[ANN] Add-in Express 2.5 - Final release of generation 2.x

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[ANN] Add-in Express 2.5 - Final release of generation 2.x
Eugene Starostin


Dear Customers,

We have just uploaded Add-in Express 2.5 (public release). You can find detailed information about this version on http://www.add-in-express.com/news-latest.php. The version is available on the http://www.add-in-express.com/downloads/ section of our website.

Note! Version 2.5 is the FINAL RELEASE of Add-in Express generation 2.x. We have started to develop generation 3.x that supports MS Office 2007 and the Ribbon UI. The first beta of Add-in Express 3.0 will be published in July and available for all our premium subscribers. We will release generation 3.x as soon as Office 2007 is released.

Please note we are ready to hear any your comments, criticism, wishes, and other positive and negative feedback. Thank you for cooperation.

Eugene E. Starostin
ADX Team Leader
Posted 28 Mar, 2006 18:47:46 Top