Reading MI.UserProperties from EasyMAPI

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Reading MI.UserProperties from EasyMAPI

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I am trying to mix EasyMAPI with Add-in Express. In my Add-in for Outlook I am adding a User Property to a email.
MI.UserProperties.Add('MyGUID', olText, False, olText);

Can someone help me to read this through EasyMAPI in the same Add-in?

Maybe someone has a better plan!

I need to quickly search the sent folder for this item after a certain time frame has elapsed. This user property contains a GUID string.

I want to find this item in the Sent Folder and read it's EntryID.

I have done this in an external app that did not use Add-in Express by using EasyMAPI's CreateRestriction function. This works fine, however now I need to do it in an Add-in.
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Dmitry Kostochko

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Hi Gregory,

Sorry but I am a bit confused since I cannot find any CreateRestriction method or function in the RapWare Easy MAPI library. Do you mean this component set or Extended MAPI CreateRestriction function?

BTW, you can search through a list of Outlook items by using the Outlook Object Model features. Please have a look at the Find/FindNext and Restrict methods of the Items collection:
Items.Find method
Items.FindNext method
Items.Restrict method
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Here is the code I use in a Delphi App using RapWare EasyMAPI.

procedure TUIMain.btnGetGuidsClick(Sender: TObject);
  MsgStore: IRwMapiMsgStore;
  Folder: IRwMapiFolder;
  ContentTable: IRwMapiTable;
  Restriction: IRwMapiRestrictionExists;
  GuidFromEmail: string;
  AEntryID: TRwMapiEntryID;
  Msg: IRwMapiMessage;
  MsgStore := MapiSession.OpenDefaultMsgStore;
  Folder := MsgStore.OpenFolderByType(ftSentItems);

  ContentTable := Folder.GetContentsTable;
  Restriction := ContentTable.CreateRestriction(rtExists) as IRwMapiRestrictionExists;
  Restriction.PropDef := NPR_MYGUID;
  while not ContentTable.EOF do
      GuidFromEmail := ContentTable.FieldByName(PR_ENTRYID).Value;
      AEntryID := ContentTable.FieldByName(PR_ENTRYID).Value;
      GuidFromEmail := ContentTable.FieldByName(NPR_MYGUID).Value;

In my Com Add-in I use MI.UserProperties.Add('MyGUID', olText, False, olText).
I need to use the ContentTable.CreateRestriction above on this property.
How do I modify the above code for that?

I have a unique situation.
Firm is using Outlook 2003 against Exchange 2010.

I have a hook in the Sent folder and it has always worked except at this Firm.
I have found the adxOutlookAppEvents1ItemSend event still fires although it fires too soon.
The item is still in the outbox.
I need to get notified when it is in the sent folder.
This is what I am trying to work around.
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Dmitry Kostochko

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Hi Gregory,

Sorry, I do not know the RapWare EasyMAPI code well enough to suggest you anything of value. Please try to use the Restrict method of the Outlook Object Model.
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