Load from Structured Storage in memory without temporaray files on dis

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Load from Structured Storage in memory without temporaray files on dis
hyqangel hyqangel


I have a compound file storage created in memory on top of a byte-array object
(which are essentially bytes read from a .xls file on the disk).

I want to create an OLE object from this structured storage in memory
and view it in Excel without creating any other .xls file on the disk i.e,
I do not want this storage to be persistent
yet I would like to view it in my container using Excel.

My ultimate goal is to have an:

1) Encrypted Excel file on disk

2) Decrypt the bytes in memory

3) Create Structured Storage on these bytes

4) Load this OLE object and DoVerb to view it in my container plugin for IE using Excel

5) Using VBA restrict copy-paste-save access to the file being viewed, such that on the disk what I have is encrypted bytes, what I see on the screen is decrpyted data in the native application which cannot be saved or manipulated. :{}
Posted 17 Mar, 2006 01:09:49 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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Hi hyqangel,

At the moment I don't have a ready-made solution for your goals. Moreover, I am not sure if it is possible to do in principle. I am ready to start researching but I need to know what Add-in Express Package you purchased, because we provide solution research of high level for Premium support service subscribers only. You can get more information on all types of support provided by our team here:

Please contact me by email to discuss the issue further.

Posted 17 Mar, 2006 06:27:10 Top