[Outlook] Getting the folder icons.

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[Outlook] Getting the folder icons.
Wim W.A. ten Brink

Workshop Alex

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I have an Outlook add-in. It has a form and on that form I have a popup menu. The menu items are: 'Post', 'Note', 'Task', 'Journal' and as you might guess, they create outlook items of that specific type.
I also would like to have the correct glyphs for these menu items, which are basically the glyphs shown in the Explorer for the related folders. (Inbox, Notes, Tasks and Journal)

My question is if there's any way to retrieve the proper glyphs (icons) from Outlook itself or do I just have to find similar icons and add them to my project? It would be nicer if I could access those Outlook glyphs directly and use them for the popup menu.
With kind regards,
\/\//\ Workshop Alex
Posted 02 Mar, 2006 03:44:31 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Wim,

I would recommend you finding and using similar icons.

Posted 02 Mar, 2006 07:54:40 Top