Outlook Crashes in toolbar management code

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Outlook Crashes in toolbar management code
Outlook appears to be crashing is toolbar management on high speed PCs 
Roger Middlebrook


I'm investigating this at the moment. The problem appears to be in ADX2 rather than ADX1. The user says it occurs when opening a new inspector. I am reluctant simply to send new software, compiled with the latest ADX, just to see if it works. What fixes have there been in toolbar management since ADX 2.1?

I believe the problem occurs on high-speed machines (particularly Citrix on Xeon processors) when running Outlook 2000.

I will keep you posted as I investigate with minimal code but any suggestions on how best to track down the problem will be appreciated.
Posted 28 Feb, 2006 12:58:44 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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Hi Roger,

I think the problem relates to clipboard management. Please contact me by email, I will give you a link to the latest ADX build.

Posted 28 Feb, 2006 13:14:40 Top