Word 2000, Clipboard, Copying Formatted text

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Word 2000, Clipboard, Copying Formatted text
Jason Coley

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There is a bug that I think you guys may know about.. it has to do with copying formatted objects from say one application and trying to paste them into a word document if Word has addins installed created by adx.

I understand it has something to do with the stupid way that MS have allowed to add the glypths to the commandbars.

Looking at your code you have tried to fix this by saving the clipboard contents before adding the commandbar buttons. Thsi will work for a few types of clipboard contents but not obviously all.

Case in point, if you try to copy an excel table, then open word, then paste it comes in as a picture, not an excel table.

If I comment out the two lines....

procedure TadxCommandBar.ReconnectControls;
// if Owner.COMAddInClassFactory.GetHostVersion(Owner.HostType) = 9 then S.Save;

procedure TadxCOMAddInModule.InternalAddCmdBar(const ACmdBar: TadxCommandBar);
// if COMAddInClassFactory.GetHostVersion(HostType) = 9 then S.Save;

Then the paste operation will work fine. Now copying from Excel, or any other major Application to Word should work as expected.

So is this just a matter of adding more types to the SaveClipboard.Save function to work for these other applications.

This particular large customer has no desire to move from Office 2000 probably for another year or two.

Can you suggest anything else?

Posted 22 Feb, 2006 14:40:01 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Jason,

Thank you for the bug report. The issue was fixed in build 248 of Add-in Express VCL.
Posted 23 Feb, 2006 09:09:41 Top