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ADX Extensions for Outlook
Suitable for Borland 2006 .net? 
Nicholas Glasier



Just received your newsletter about the new product. Went to the website and saw that it only supports MS Visual C# and Visual Basic. Went to the .net forum and read your answer to Gurcels question which talked about Delphi forms.

I can understand your reluctance to develop a VCL version while Borlands future for Delphi is still up in the air, but is there any way to make the existing Extensions produxt work with 2006 .net or C#?

At the moment I have only a license for VCL AddinExpress, but have been considering moving to .net version. If it is possible to use Extensions as well, that is an extra incentive to move.

TIA Nick
Posted 22 Feb, 2006 14:22:41 Top
Eugene Starostin


Hello Nocholas,

Surely, ADX Extensions for Outlook will support Delphi for .NET 2005 and 2006 as well as C# and VB.NET. However, please give us a month to get a stable version and, the main thing, to release all features that we want to release :-) The product is in the beginnig. Now it supports Outlook views only but Outlook custom forms should be supported too. In general, we should make possible placing any controls on any Outlook windows such as folder views, forms, property pages and toolbars.

And to All,

Yesterday we received your positive feedback on our news. Dear Customers, thank you for your interest in this product and thank you for your good words.

Eugene E. Starostin
ADX Team Leader
Posted 22 Feb, 2006 19:23:45 Top
Nicholas Glasier


Thanks Eugene,

Incidentally, I tried using the link to Office Marketplace in order to vote, but it came up with a Microsoft sitepage saying that your page (the link) is unavailable. Going to Office Marketplace Home page isn't much use either, there doesn't appear to be any reference to a voting for products.

Regards Nick

Posted 23 Feb, 2006 18:28:49 Top
Eugene Starostin



Sorry, it was my copy-paste mistake. The valid link is

Thank you for cooperation. :-)
Posted 24 Feb, 2006 09:10:03 Top