[Outlook] The use of custom forms.

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[Outlook] The use of custom forms.
Wim W.A. ten Brink

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One of the things I'm wondering about is how to use custom Outlook forms from my add-in. I am working on an add-in that is linked to the user's telephone, allowing them to answer the phone or do other things with it. One of the new functionalities that I am working on is an additional button that allows the user to write down a note related to his current call and send it to someone else.

So in Outlook I will have a special form that's based on the standard email form. It will have a special layout with some additional fields with information of the call, a timestamp of when the call was, a TO: field for the recipient, some area where the user can enter their message and send/cancel buttons.

I'm still in the early research stage and am just searching for the simplest way to solve this. I don't want to just create a Delphi form since Outlook has build-in form functionality. Besides, if it is an Outlook form then users could modify this form to include e.g. their company logo or whatever. All I want to know in my Delphi add-in is which form to use and which fields to fill and let Outlook handle whatever else needs to be handled.

In other words, the user clicks a button, Delphio opens the form and fills in some of the fields and then it's Outlook again that handles any further actions.

So I need to be able to do two things:
1) Get a list of Outlook forms.
2) Get a list of (custom) fields of a single outlook form.

Does the add-in offer some useful functionality for this or will I have to use the Outlook2000 unit for this with it's raw typelibrary functions? It would be nice if the add-in had this functionlity wrapped inside itself too.
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