ADX VCL 2.4 and ActiveSync

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ADX VCL 2.4 and ActiveSync
Alfred Vink


Hi Guys,

When outlook is already partly loaded by ActiveSync and I open outlook later, my AddIn gives a 'list index out of bounds' error...

Thing is there is no functionality in it yet, just dropped a commandbar and some controls....

I read some earlier problems regarding the combination with activesync but thought they were resolved.

Is there an easy solution or should I be checking for an activexplorer and then create the commandbars at runtime ?

I'm all new to this so pls elaborate.

Posted 13 Jan, 2006 13:30:07 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Alfred,

Please describe in detail what command bar and controls there are in your project or send us the whole project for testing.

Posted 16 Jan, 2006 07:04:46 Top
A.H. Vink

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Sorry DMitry,

Don't know what I've changed, but the problem disappeared....
If only it worked for all problems ;-)

Posted 24 Jan, 2006 08:40:17 Top