Future of Add-in Express VCL

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Future of Add-in Express VCL


Hi Guys,

Can you shed some light on the future plans for ADX VCL ?

Can we expect a major release soon or will it be minor releases for a while ?

I ask because I have limited funds and if I decide to buy ADX VCL Developer now I will be very upset if you guys release a new major version next month ......

Posted 05 Jan, 2006 15:48:37 Top
Eugene Starostin


Hello Alfred,

I see these questions are still unanswered. So,

1, We do not publish our plans for the future of ADX.VCL. Of course, we have tremendous plans. Some new products are being prepared now but I will not tell anything about them until they are published.

2. I think we will publish minor updates each two months or more often. It depends on our bugs and our ideas. Version 3 will be published in September or later. Please don't ask me about the features that will be available in v.3.
Posted 11 Jan, 2006 11:51:12 Top