[Outlook 2002] Combobox loses Text value...

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[Outlook 2002] Combobox loses Text value...
Wim W.A. ten Brink

Workshop Alex

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I have discovered another minor issue that is really irritating me. It is related to the combobox control in a commandbar. I want the user to enter some text and then click on a button. This button would then execute some action that requires this text value that the user entered.

I use a combobox because I also want to store a history of texts that the user can select from. Thus a user could just select a text that he used previously instead of entering it over again.

If I type some text, press [Enter] and then click the button, the text property turns out to be empty.

And worse, if I type some text and then click outside the combobox, it resets the text to the old value that it had. (Empty if I hadn't entered a value like in the previous step.)

I assume these are problems in Outlook and are not related to the Afalina components. So I'm just here complaining and being annoyed by this streange functionality.
The same problem with the Edit control. This one too clears the contents too if the user clicks outside the control without pressing [Enter] first.
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\/\//\ Workshop Alex
Posted 05 Jan, 2006 06:52:27 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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Hi Wim,

This is a well known issue of all Office applications and you are not the first to run into it. We were just shocked when faced it for the first time. :-)

Posted 06 Jan, 2006 11:34:22 Top
Fernando Madruga

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For Add-In-Express people: take a look here for a way to solve that: http://www.codeproject.com/macro/Extended_Outlook_Textbox.asp

Maybe you could implement that in a future ADX version... :)

Fernando Madruga
Posted 13 Jan, 2006 18:33:32 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Fernando,

Thank you for the information.

Posted 16 Jan, 2006 07:14:18 Top