Creating contact in sub-folder gives permissions error

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Creating contact in sub-folder gives permissions error

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I have a problem. I have a feature of my add-in that allows me to create a new contact in any contact type folder. This works fine so long as I am creating the contact in the main contact folder. However, if I create the contact in the sub-folder then when I try to make a change to contact and save I get a permissions error and it asks me if I want to save it into a default folder.

If I create the contact manually in the folder then it works fine. So how do I controll the permissions of a contact via code in the add-in?
Posted 01 Sep, 2004 11:58:15 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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It seems that you don't release some references to Outlook objects. Please check this. In any case I would like to see your code. Please send me it directly.

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Posted 01 Sep, 2004 13:19:37 Top