Storing information in word doc

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Storing information in word doc
Phillippe Allen

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Joined: 2005-11-07
I am exchanging information between word/excel and an external application. What I wish to do is "tie" some information (which either comes from an external application or from an addin action) to a particular document so that the addin can make certain assumptions about it when it wants to perform actions upon it.
In word, i had thought of storing this information in the CustomDocumentProperties but unable to use the addin to add any new values to the activedocument. Essentially, word2000/Delphi5.0 complains that it knows nothing about msoPropertyTypeString nor anything about a type called about DocumentProperty. Is this option worth pursuing or is there some other way that i can tackle this problem?

Posted 18 Dec, 2005 21:24:53 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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Hi Phil,

I think the CustomDocumentProperties collection is a good place for storing your information there. As to the problem, I suspect you didn't add the Office2000 unit in the uses clause. DocumentProperty, DocumentProperties and msoPropertyTypeString are there.

Posted 19 Dec, 2005 07:36:30 Top