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Outlook Security Addin
5 - Parameter is incorrect 


I have developed a piece of software with VB.net 2003 which uses your outlook security manager, i have created a setup package (incorporating both the secman.dll - which is configured to self register), installed the software on a Windows XP unit running Outlook 2003 and all works OK, installed the software on a second machine (identical to the first as both units were setup from the same ghost image) however on running on that one I get the error 5 - parameter is incorrect ??? any ideas?
Posted 06 Dec, 2005 13:21:49 Top


Have now found a solution to the problem, had to uninstall and reinstall outlook 2003??? although VB.Net was communicating with Outlook 2003 OK, the Outlook Security Add-in didn't seem to recognise the type library of outlook.
Posted 07 Dec, 2005 06:40:29 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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Hi Barry,

Please post your questions related to Security Manager NET Edition on the http://www.add-in-express.com/forum/list.php?FID=5.

BTW, we have got your email and will reply you today.

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