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Outlook bar pane
I tried to add new button to left outlookbar, no success 
Kristjan H

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Joined: 2005-10-29
Is there way to add something to left outlookbar (where is buttons: incoming, calendar, tasks, notes, contacts etc).

Also, is there a way to put/show my form to right side of outlook window (where normally emails or calendar contents appear). I have application with popup form but i dont like it very much, would be better to use one window.


Posted 12 Nov, 2005 04:02:52 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Joined: 2004-04-05
Hi Kristjan,

I suppose you mean the buttons under the Navigation Pane and the Reading Pane in Outlook 2003. If I am right, then unfortunately it is not possible.

Posted 12 Nov, 2005 06:05:19 Top