Problem with saving CommandBar pos

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Problem with saving CommandBar pos
using builtin save function brings error first time 
Nicholas Glasier



Using adx VCL version 2.3 with Delphi 7 Pro on WinXP with Office 2003.

Using the code from your sample on saving Commandbar top and left positions brings up an error from the add-in the first time it is used in an Office App.
Self.Registry.WriteInteger(Self.CommandBars[i].CommandBarName + '_LEFT', Self.CommandBars[i].CommandBarLeft);

The error is "Failed to set data for MyCommandBar_Left".

This seems to stop after the first time the host is closed, and after the second run, the bar opens in the correct position the next (third) time the hostapp is run.

I may actually code the position to be saved manually when an add-in is used by more than one app, as this one is, so that the position for each app is stored separately, however this is a very useful feature for an add-in that only works with one host app, so I though I'd better report the problem. Perhaps it only occurs with multiple host support.

Regards nick
Posted 20 Oct, 2005 04:51:08 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Nicholas,

Thank you for the bug report. We'll try to find the cause of such behavior and fix it. One question, is your add-in registered for all PC users (RegisterForAllUsers property is True)?

Posted 20 Oct, 2005 07:29:37 Top
Nicholas Glasier


Hi Dmitry,

Yes it is registered for all users, and for all Office Apps except MapPoint. The error seems to occur for each app the first time it is used after the add-in has been registered.

Regards Nick
Posted 20 Oct, 2005 14:37:35 Top