Outlook stay in memory even after my software is closed

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Outlook stay in memory even after my software is closed
Etienne Andrieux


My code using Outlook Security Manager is causing Outlook to stay in memory even after my software is closed.

- The first time i launch my software, all the code using "Outlook Securit Manager" run perfectly.
- I see "Outlook" occupies a most important place in memory if i use Outlook Security Manager than if i not use it
- I leave my software. Outlook stay in memory (if i don't use Outlook Security Manager, Outlook don't stay in memory)
- When I run one second time my software, some Outlook items seems not available and an error message appears

Do you have an explanation and a solution for this problem ?
How can i use your solution if my software cannot be launch more than one time ?
Posted 15 Oct, 2005 06:36:14 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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Hi Etienne,

Please make sure that your software releases all Outlook interfaces and objects used by it. Also, could you please test our SendMail demo project (see the QDemo\SendMail subfolder). Does our demo project also leave Outlook in the memory?

What Outlook version do you use?
Posted 16 Oct, 2005 04:05:56 Top