Multiple instances of outlook and of security manager

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Multiple instances of outlook and of security manager
Chris Cardinal

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Joined: 2005-09-25
I have two apps. App1 calls some methods in App2 (which is mostly exposed as a set of dlls). App1 always gets the "Parameter is incorrect" in App2's securityManager.ConnectTo() function (embedded within one of the methods that App1 calls) - as if the outlook application instance was bad. App1 resides within Outlook as an Express AddIn (so an outlook instance already exists prior to making the method call to App2).
App2 always creates its own instance of Outlook.Application.
What is wrong here? This is killing my application.

Posted 25 Sep, 2005 17:20:26 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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Hi Chris,

I think you don't need to call the ConnectTo method because your main application (APP1) is a COM Add-in and it is already "connected" to the Outlook instance.

Posted 17 Oct, 2005 09:25:57 Top