Multiple copies of word and OLE error 800A01A8

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Multiple copies of word and OLE error 800A01A8



I am having a problem when two word documents are opened that I can not seem to program around

* I Start word
* I Click my Button5 on toolbar to populate combo1
* I Select item from combo1
* I Start new version of word
* I Click Button5 on toolbar on new word window
* OLE error 800A01A8 message dialog occurs whenever the onclick code tries to access one of the OTHER controls (button4, combo1,combo2, or combo3) but does not blow up when button5 is accessed
* However, Clicking Button5 again has no errors.

So, some magic appears to be happening in adxAddin (under the comment labeled "Trick") to keep button5 info in sync when it is clicked; my questions is could the component be modified to sync all controls and their interface properties instead of just the one that was clicked?

Or is there a publicly available method to resync this information? I can detect the problem, I just can't call any of the private methods to fix it.

Posted 30 Aug, 2005 18:09:40 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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Hi Marc,

Could you please send me your project or a test project with the same behavior?

Posted 01 Sep, 2005 07:38:27 Top