LoadBehavior in Version 2

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LoadBehavior in Version 2
Loading Add-Ins on Demand at runtime does not work anymore 
Timo Goebel



I developed a Word and Excel Add-In in Version 1 and changed it to Version 2 later on. With V1 I was able to change the Add-In's LoadBehavior in HKCU from 3 to 8 in order to load the Add-In on demand at runtime. With V2 it is not possible anymore.

After I have loaded the Add-In, my toolbar is visible but all buttons are without function (either by macro or by the COM Add-In button).

Did I make a mistake by converting the Add-In, is this a bug or by design?


Timo Goebel
Posted 10 Aug, 2004 05:05:23 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hello Timo,

We have found and fixed a bug. The update has been sent to your email.
The new version of Add-in Express will be published in a few days.

ADX Support Team
Posted 13 Aug, 2004 07:26:19 Top