Outlook Security Manager Error

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Outlook Security Manager Error
Dale Williams



I installed & registered OSM. I thought there was a problem and uninstalled OSM. I reinstalled OSM (this time it didn't ask me to register to product) When I try and run the .NET version in Delphi 2005 I was receiving some very strange 'Unspecified errors' error. I next tried the .VCL version in Delphi 2005 and received the same errors. I put in:
test := OlSecurityManager1.Check(osmSimpleMAPI);

if (test = osmOk) then begin
x := 'ok';


if (test = osmDLLNotLoaded) then begin
x := 'dll';


X is returning 'dll' so the DLLNotLoaded is true. The manual says that OSM is not registered. Does the mean product registration or that I need to register the .dll. If it is product registration, how do I register OSM?

Dale Williams
Posted 22 Jul, 2005 10:18:17 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Dale,

I have replied your email message. I think CDO or Simple MAPI had not been initialized before you tried to switch the security. And I think we will continue resolving your problem via email.
Posted 25 Jul, 2005 07:00:46 Top