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I have a library (Delphi DLL) + an Excel XLA that allows users to access info from my app in Excel with formulas.
There are currently +/- 50 functions.
When the lib is first loaded, it fills a cache with some DB data to speed access later.
After, any call to the function gets the data from the cache (or directly from the DB if the data ins't in the memory cache).
The Delphi DLL just exports normal functions that are called by Visual Basic in the XLA sheet.
Once you register the XLA in Excel, all the functions available in the XLA can be used by the user.

I'd like to know if I could do the same with Add-in Express.

I would also like to know if there is a trial version available to do some testing.


Gerard Visent.
Posted 06 Jul, 2004 04:04:33 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Yes, it is possible to do with Add-in Express. I think we both are using the same technology in our products. May be you know but I want to remind about the limitations of Excel 2000 (it requires a XLA wrapper).

We have a page as if specially created for your question:

Unfortunately we don't have a trial version but we have refund policy. You can find it here:

ADX Support Team
Posted 06 Jul, 2004 05:01:48 Top


About the XLA wrapper:
This is precisely what I'd like to suppress.
Would this be possible with your product?
And another question:
Would I be able to distribute just one add-in for Excel 97, 200 and XP?

Thanks in advance.
Posted 06 Jul, 2004 11:34:12 Top



Excel 97 doesn't support add-ins based on the COM Add-in technology.

For Excel 2000 you should create an xla wrapper over your Automation add-in based on ADX.

For Excel 2002 and 2003 you just create this add-in on ADX.

Best regards,
Posted 06 Jul, 2004 11:53:03 Top


Ok, I got it now.
Many thanks.

Posted 06 Jul, 2004 11:57:49 Top