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Doug Filteau


I'm using Add-in Express 2 VCL with Delphi 2005 Professional and to date have been very impressed with it.

Currently I'm switching between Office XP/2003 Add-in development and Win32 development of Office XP/2003 automation applications. With my current setup, I have to remove the MS Office XP sample component and install the Office 2000 sample component before I can install the Add-in Express component. To resume automation application development, I have to remove the Office 2000 sample components and the Add-in compoents, then reinstall the OfficeXP components.

Although I'm getting pretty good at going through these motions, I'd rather have an Add-in Express VCL component that's compatible with the MS Office XP sample components. Is there an Office XP-compatible component in the works? If so, when can we expect it?

Thanks in advance.

Posted 09 Jun, 2005 15:34:22 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Doug,

Since the Add-in Express must support the Office Object Model from Office 2000 and higher, this is why we use Office 2000 components from Borland.

As for switching between the packages, I see no problems here. You can set your packages to a particular project and when opening the project for the next time Delphi IDE should load the packages you indicated for the project.
Posted 11 Jun, 2005 03:10:46 Top