How to insert a control before a standard control

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How to insert a control before a standard control


Hello ADX Team,

I have found an answer how can this be done on ADX1.
But I can't understand how to do this on ADX2.
For example, I need to insert a button before
the Save button in Word.

Posted 07 Jun, 2004 11:58:18 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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You should use the Before property. The Save button is the third on the Standard command bar of MS Word.

I can show it step-by-step:
1. Create a new add-in (File|New|Other -> Add-in Express 2.0 -> MS Office COM Add-in)
2. Add the TadxCommandBar component to AddInModule
3. Enter "Standard" to the CommandBarName property
4. Add a new button to the Controls property
5. Enter "3" to the Before property (the button will be inserted before the third control on the command bar)
6. Compile and register the project.
7. Run Word.

ADX Support Team
Posted 08 Jun, 2004 07:01:14 Top