Setting ShortcutText property

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Setting ShortcutText property
Mike Leftwich

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How do you get the shortcut keystroke defined in the ShortcutText property to work inside Outlook? I set the property value to be "Ctrl+Shift+T" and set the DisableStandardAction property to True. The shortcut shows up correctly in the Outlook menus, but pressing the keystroke does not seem to have any effect. I stepped through the code of adxAddIn in the debugger, and it gets to line 4029:

AControl.DefaultInterface.OnAction := '!<' + COMAddInClassFactory.ProgID + '>'

At this point, the following exception is raised:
Project OUTLOOK.EXE raised exception class EOleException with message 'Member not found'.

The exception is swallowed in the try..except block, but the OnAction property never gets set.

I checked in the COM Add-Ins Manager of Outlook, and my add-in is listed.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Posted 03 Jun, 2004 17:05:42 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Unfortunately the ShortcutText property is only a piece of text that is displayed but doesn't handle any combination keystroke.

ADX Support Team
Posted 04 Jun, 2004 05:54:48 Top