Outlook plug-in under Office2K3 doesn't always load?

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Outlook plug-in under Office2K3 doesn't always load?
Michael Fisher



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I am having a problem with an Outlook plug-in on two machines running Office 2K3. One is 2K3 server and one is XP Pro SP2.

Sometimes, when I maximise Outlook from the task bar, the plugin doesn't show up. When I check Advanced / Com Add-ins its still there, but I have to uncheck it, okay, and then recheck it for the plugin to show up again.

It always loads properly when launching Outlook for the first time; only after being minimised for a while will it fail to show up in the button bar.

Any ideas?

Posted 19 Apr, 2005 03:06:30 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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Hi Michael,

Which command bar component do you use in your project, TadxCommandBar or TadxOLExplorerCommandBar?

Posted 19 Apr, 2005 04:08:28 Top