Excel Context Menu problem

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Excel Context Menu problem
2 Cell popup menus 
Nicholas Glasier


I've been trying to add a context menu to Excel, adapting the code used for adding a context menu to Word,(downloaded from http://www.add-in-express.com/projects/adx-word-context-menu.zip) but with no result.

As far as I can tell the name of the context menu in question is Cell, but using the BuiltInControlsScanner shows me 2 popup menus with that name, one for Normal view and one for Page break preview.

Setting my CommandBarName to Cell doesn't add my popup to either. If the before parameter is 0 it should add it to the end of the menu right? No luck!

Ideally I would like to add it to both, but would settle for just the Normal. Is there a way to do this?

TIA Nick
Posted 14 Apr, 2005 04:45:27 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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Hi Nick,

Could you please download and test this project. I have just created it and tested with Excel 2003.

Posted 14 Apr, 2005 08:51:03 Top
Nicholas Glasier


Many thanks Dmitry,

That works fine with my copy of Office 2003, I get the popup menu for the Normal view context menu but not for the Page break preview, which works fine for me. I really must stop trying to do things the hard way :-)

Thanks again Nick
Posted 14 Apr, 2005 16:48:17 Top