Hot keys for menu items

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Hot keys for menu items
Mike Fisher



Is there a way to assign a hotkey to a button added using ADX VCL?

I know you aren't supposed to answer COM questions here so a yes or no would be great. I am new to COM and would like to know if I am on a wild goose chase. :)


Posted 29 Mar, 2005 13:56:30 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Mike,

Unfortunately there is no way. Only CommandBarButton has the ShortcutText property but this is only text that is displayed next to a button control when the button appears on a menu, submenu, or shortcut menu.

Posted 30 Mar, 2005 02:10:18 Top
Mike Fisher


Thank you.

Posted 30 Mar, 2005 08:20:06 Top