Happy Easter and thanks to adx

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Happy Easter and thanks to adx
more messages than spam 
Nicholas Glasier


For the last week I have been enjoying the fact that the messages from this support forum have actually outnumbered the spam I get in my inbox. This forum seems to be successfully fighting spam even though many of us aren't actually working with Outlook :-)

An opportune moment I think to say thanks to Dmitry and the people at adx for a superb support service. I have a number of third party components, but no other company offers such a high level of support as you guys do, I've had message sitting on some forums for weeks and still no reply.

If this is your idea of a standard support service then the mind boggles at what the Premium Support service might offer. Have you guys figured out a way to deliver coffee and donuts over the Internet? Never mind, I'm saving my pennies so I can see for myself.

Many thanks for all your help, hoping you have a good Easter

Regards Nick
Posted 23 Mar, 2005 20:17:04 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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Hi Nick,

Thanks, and good Easter to you.

Posted 24 Mar, 2005 07:31:48 Top