StartMode, Installation and LicenseKey

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StartMode, Installation and LicenseKey
StartMode, Installation and LicenseKey 
Scott Bieker

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I use XHEO|Licensing to create serial keys for my applications. I have added a license manager to my new Excel Add-in and currently have the "check for license" in the mybase.addininitialize event.

it looks like this...

If Me.StartMode = AddinExpress.MSO.ADXStartMode.smNormal Then
Dim lic As New LicenseComponent
End If

I was wondering if there is a "better way." This allows the user to be prompted for a serial number when the STARTMODE becomes "NORMAL." However, they get a chance to use the application with "FIRSTSTART" without being prompted for a license key. If I also add the licensecomponent when startmode = firststart, then the user is prompted in the middle of the install with my .msi file.

Maybe there is a different event to place this check on? I really just want to check for the license key when the user opens up Excel, not on install or uninstall.

Maybe another "startmode" could be created == "INSTALLED"

Thanks for your help.

Posted 23 Mar, 2005 12:49:05 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Scott,

I think it is your mistake. Here is the VCL forum. Please repost to:

Posted 23 Mar, 2005 13:14:43 Top