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Most component vendors offer trial version. Could you please do this for Outlook Security Manager? 30 day money back is not a trusted option.
Posted 09 Mar, 2005 15:32:06 Top
Eugene Starostin


Sorry, but I remember that Add-in Express 1.5 was "hacked" last year. Of cource, we can upload trial versions with limited functions. Perhaps, this will work for Add-in Express but I cannot find the functionality that we can limit in Outlook Security Manager.

That is why I have a clear understanding that there will never be trial versions with complete functionality.
Posted 09 Mar, 2005 15:43:54 Top
Uwe Thaden

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Hi, I was vers sceptic in advance. But everything works very well and you get really godd support. My experience is that you can ask the adx-people before buying; thus you have the info if it is possible what you wnat.

And, no -- I do not get money from thm. I'm just happy with it.

Posted 11 Mar, 2005 03:17:02 Top