How to stop prevent an OptionsPage to close in .Apply Event?

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How to stop prevent an OptionsPage to close in .Apply Event?
Andrei Jugovic

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I figured out, that I can use the .Apply event of my OptionsPage to check the changed the options and save them.

But what do I have to do when some of the options are wrong. Sure, I a can notice that and show a Message like "Please change value XY to a valide value...". But if the user had clicked on "OK" the options dialoge will close anyway... How can I prevent that, so that the user has to make the necessary changes first?

Posted 15 Mar, 2007 07:11:09 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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Hi Andrei,

You can return E_FAIL instead of S_OK:

function TMyOptionsPage.Apply: HResult;
  if not CheckSomeConditions() then
    Result := E_FAIL
  else begin
    FDirty := False;
    Result := S_OK;

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Posted 15 Mar, 2007 10:14:12 Top