WebViewPane compatibility

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WebViewPane compatibility
Mike Ryan

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Joined: 2004-09-28
Hi there,

Does the WebViewPane require Outlook2007 to work?

In testing, I can get it to display under my OL2007, but under OL2003 I get a blank page (with a quotation mark " in the top-left corner).

Posted 18 Feb, 2007 18:28:48 Top
Jason Coley

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Ensure you have the ADXOLContainer.dll installed and registered on the 2003 system.
Posted 18 Feb, 2007 20:12:27 Top
Fedor Shihantsov



If you use WebViewPane option, you should register the ADXOLContainer.dll library on the target PC. ADX Extensions VCL for Microsoft Outlook setup package installs this file to the Common Files folder, say, C:\Program Files\Common Files\Add-in Express\ADX Extensions VCL for Microsoft Outlook\ADXOLContainer.dll
Posted 19 Feb, 2007 04:44:11 Top
Mike Ryan

Posts: 2
Joined: 2004-09-28
Thanks guys!

I guess I should learn to read the manual :-)

Warm regards,
Posted 20 Feb, 2007 09:39:58 Top