20 Dec. WarnKill release?

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20 Dec. WarnKill release?
Jack Johnson

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Joined: 2004-10-21
Hello -

I see in the roadmap that you list a December 20th release including WarnKill technology. I don't know what that is, but I'm sure it's great! :D Mostly I'm wondering if you do have a new release on the way and if so when you expect to post it.


Posted 20 Dec, 2004 17:19:48 Top
Eugene Starostin


Hi Jack,

I seem to have forgotten to correct this page. We have incapsulated the WarnKill technology to our new product, Outlook Security Manager, that supports .NET, VCL and ActiveX platforms.

I'm going to change this page :-)
Posted 21 Dec, 2004 05:49:04 Top


ah... so I think "WarnKill" means "Killed Warning Message of Outlook"?

Posted 21 Dec, 2004 13:06:59 Top
Sven Heitmann

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I forgot to login, damn :(
Best regards,

Sven Heitmann
Posted 21 Dec, 2004 13:09:01 Top
Eugene Starostin


Hi Sven,

Glad to hear from you. :-)

Yes, you are right.
Posted 22 Dec, 2004 01:39:41 Top