Ribbon image transparent

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Ribbon image transparent
Jason Coley

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How do i set the image transparency of a ribbon command?

I have a PNG image, and use a PNG ImageList. The outer of the image is transparent when viewed normally.

When i run Outlook and view the button the image is transparent, but also the white content of the image is also transparent.

The same happens if I use a normal TImageList and a bitmap.

If I add the image using the glyph property then it looks like it should.

Any ideas?


Posted 07 Feb, 2007 18:12:33 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Jason,

What do you mean by "a ribbon command"? Is it a control like TadxRibbonButton, TadxRibbonComboBox or an item like TadxRibbonItem? Could you please send me a demo project with normal TImageList and bitmap?

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Posted 08 Feb, 2007 06:22:44 Top