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Add-in bar position
How to make my bar stick where it's told to? 
Fernando Madruga

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I've written a small PowerPoint add-in and it works great thanks to ADX (VCL).

However (there had to be one however or I would not be writing in here!), after I added another 3rd party add-in, I noticed that my add-in bar could no longer be positioned on the top row.

I mean, PowerPoint starts with 2 command bars; when I added my add-in, I could position my bar at the end of the two standard ones (I'm running on a laptop with 1680x1050 so I have plenty of room on one row!).

After I added the other add-in, my command-bar would stay at the proper horizontal placement but would refuse to stay on the top row and would be on a row all by itself. If I move it to the proper place, as soon as I re-open PowerPoint, it gets back on the 2nd row but at the horizontal position it should occupy on the 1st row.

Even not showing the bar from the other add-in, mine will refuse to stay on the 1st row. I've unregistered, re-registered my add-in and the same thing still happens.

It looks as it it's placed in row 1.5... I'll explain this a bit more! :)

If I place the bar on row 2, when I click on a picture which will show a picture bar that I placed on row two, both my bar and the picture bar will show on row 2; if I place my bar on row 1 and do the same, the picture bar will appear on row 2; however, if I place my bar on row one, close and re-open PowerPoint, my bar will be shown below row 1, but does not appear to be on row 2 (even though it's completely below row 1), because when I click on a picture, the picture bar will open on a row *below* the one where my bar is...

I do believe this is a PowerPoint (Office?) bug, especially because now it's happening on the Formating bar that I've moved around while experimenting, but does anyone have an easy solution (or even a not so easy one!) to fix that?

Fernando Madruga
Posted 12 Jan, 2007 12:04:12 Top
Fernando Madruga

Posts: 60
Joined: 2006-01-04
Fernando Madruga wrote:
but does anyone have an easy solution (or even a not so easy one!) to fix that?

Well, I'll answer my own question! :)

Even though I could not find an answer searching the net, I did try the following which resulted perfectly, so that's what I'll tell my customers to do if this happens to them:

- Undock *all* bars;
- Close PowerPoint (or whatever Office app);
- Re-Open PowerPoint;
- Place the bars where you want them;
- Close PowerPoint.

From now on, every time I open PowerPoint, the bars are all in the proper place! ;)

Hope this helps someone having the same problem as I was... ;)

Fernando Madruga
Posted 12 Jan, 2007 12:14:19 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Fernando,

Thank you for the information.

P.S. Note that we take up your forum requests in the order we receive them.
Besides, it may take us some time to investigate your issue. Please be sure we will let you know as soon as the best possible solution is found.

Posted 12 Jan, 2007 12:58:50 Top