Disabling an Addin

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Disabling an Addin
Thomas Grossen



Is there a way with the VCL version to disable, or "shutdown" an addin? For example when license conditions are expired, etc...

With .Net I used a global variable and checked it on each event.

If this is not possible, how can I instead disable the option page (Outlook Option Page)?

Thank you.
Posted 30 Nov, 2006 15:05:23 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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Hi Thomas,

You can use the same approach that you used in the NET version. I.e. in the OnAddInInitialize event you check your conditions (license is expired) and set a global variable that you further check in all event handlers. As to option page, you may not add it either if a global variable is set.

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Posted 01 Dec, 2006 06:06:46 Top
Thomas Grossen


Thank you Dmitry.
Posted 04 Dec, 2006 10:44:48 Top