invalid dll built with addin

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invalid dll built with addin
the win64 dll built is not a valid dll 
Francesco Faleschini

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I just renewed the subscription to addinexpress vcl today to:
1) have the latest version
2) obtain support

I have a project that i build at 32 and 64 bits to create 2 dlls that then with an innosetup installer i install.

I have a problem with the 64 bit dll, while the 32 bit one works fine.

If i try to install it from command line with
regsrv32 /i myaddin.dll

I get the following error when installing from the command line - using "run as administrator" (error message translated from Italian):

"myaddin.dll" module has been loaded, but the DLLInstall entry point has not been found.

Please make sure that "myaddin.dll" is a valid OCX or DLL, the try again

anyway when installing with innosetup it works.

Now I did not write the innosetup script i am using, but i do no find where the installation commands are written, to my memory the adding was doing the same job than regsvr32.exe

Could you please comment on this?

What could be the reason why Innosetup installs it and regsvr32 from elevated privileges command prompt no?


Best regards.
Posted 02 Mar, 2021 12:43:11 Top
Andrei Smolin

Add-in Express team

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Hello Francesco,

/i - this causes the issue.

Andrei Smolin
Add-in Express Team Leader
Posted 03 Mar, 2021 10:59:59 Top