[OFFICIAL] ADX Extensions VCL & WebViewPane - mea maxima culpa

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[OFFICIAL] ADX Extensions VCL & WebViewPane - mea maxima culpa
Eugene Starostin


Dear Customers,

I must inform you that it was my personal mistake that the WebViewPane is not supported by the ADX Extensions VCL. To my mind it wasn't an important feature. I'm very sorry, mea maxima culpa.

Please give me a chance to correct this defect in my vision of your needs and meet your expectation. I suppose we need two or three weeks to release this features. Unfortunately, it is a hard work on Delphi to implement ActiveX-es hosted correctly by the Outlook Explorer. But we have to think out some new tricks and show you them :-)

Thank you for your help. Thank you for your understanding.

Eugene E. Starostin
CTO, Add-in Express.
Posted 25 Sep, 2006 17:18:16 Top