Word command bar button appears in Outlook?

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Word command bar button appears in Outlook?
Michel Brazeau

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Joined: 2006-08-31

Hi All,

I created an addin that adds a command bar and buttons to word/excel/outlook.

When a user composes a new email in Outlook and uses word as the editor, the word command bar and button appear in the outlook form to compose an email.

Would anyone have a suggestion on how to disable the button that appears in the Outlook composer form?


Posted 31 Aug, 2006 15:41:47 Top
Nicholas Glasier


If I'm understanding your problem correctly you are having a Word toolbar appear in Outlook and you want to disable one of the Word toolbars buttons, yes?

If so you must first establish if the Word toolbar is displaying in Outlook and then if so disable the button?

When Word is used as an editor a toolbar called envelope will be displayed. If you see it then disable the button.

An example exists on Add-In-Express website here:


This was discussed some time ago in a message thread here:


If you have the time it could be very useful to browse the older messages on this forum, you can pick up a lot of very valuable tips.

Regards Nick.
Posted 31 Aug, 2006 17:44:00 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Nick, thanks for your help.

Michel, did the example above help you? Do you have any other questions?

Posted 04 Sep, 2006 05:45:19 Top
Nicholas Glasier


You're welcome Dmitry,

I'm just pointing to answers you've already given to others.

Regards Nick
Posted 04 Sep, 2006 20:58:19 Top
Michel Brazeau

Posts: 17
Joined: 2006-08-31

Hi Dmitry,

Yes the example above works great. I need to do more testing, but I am quite sure this will work well.

Thanks a lot!

Posted 05 Sep, 2006 15:16:46 Top