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Delphi 7
Installation Problem 
Raf Giordano

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Joined: 2006-08-17
I'm unable to get installed properly on delphi 7.
On same PC i have Delphi 2006 and Delpi 7.
No problem for D2006, but i'm unable to get installed properly on old version.

I also uninstalled the 2006 version, but i cannot found any solution.

How can i setup the software manually?

Posted 17 Aug, 2006 09:10:48 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Raf,

A bit strange issue. We have Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2005 and 2006 installed on the same PC, and we have never faced any installation problems. Do you have Update Pack 1 for Delphi 7 installed?

In any case you can try to install Add-in Express VCL manually.

1. Run your Delphi 7.
2. Close all opened projects.
3. Go to Component -> Install Packages...
4. Click the Add button and select the adxWizardD7.bpl file from the Add-in Express VCL\Packages\Delphi7 subfolder.
5. Click the Open button.
6. Close the Default Project Options dialog box and restart your Delphi 7.

Also check the Library Path parameter (see the Tools -> Environment Options -> Library tab).

Posted 25 Aug, 2006 08:27:37 Top