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I have an addin that I wrote for Word XP. It works great. I also have other app that use Word automation to create doc's. When the Word addin is loaded the other app's cant attach to Word, the error is connection refused by callee. Is it possible to do this or is it a limitation? Thanks.
Posted 22 Oct, 2004 09:08:40 Top
Eugene Starostin


Hi Guest,

Have you used Add-in Express for your add-in?
What its version, VCL or .NET?
Posted 22 Oct, 2004 09:13:46 Top


the lastest version of the vcl product.
Posted 23 Oct, 2004 21:54:26 Top
Eugene Starostin



An ordinary add-in cannot be the cause of your problem. We need to have a look at your source code.
Couold you please send us it. We are ready to your NDA.

Also please register in our forums.
Posted 25 Oct, 2004 06:48:15 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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In the zip-file below there are two simple test projects (the Word add-in and the application):

Please test them yourself. As you can see this example works properly. If you wish you can send us your code and we'll try to find what is causing the error.

ADX Support Team
Posted 25 Oct, 2004 07:19:49 Top