How to 'click' a custom backstage button using VBA

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How to 'click' a custom backstage button using VBA
Is it possible to 'click' a TadxBackStageRegularButton using VBA 
Roger Middlebrook

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We have a TadxBackstageRegularButton with ID='KXProcessButton'.
The OnClick handler for this button is KXProcess

We have a client has a need to call KXProcess directly from VBA but we have not made KXProcess accessible from the add-in object in Word.

Is there a way to use VBA to 'click' our button and therefore run KXProcess?

If not, can you suggest another way of accessing the KXProcess function?

We can make KXProcess available in future but do not want to produce a new release of our product just to meet this one client's requirement.

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Posted 15 Oct, 2014 08:17:04 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Roger,

I am afraid there is no way to 'click' an add-in's ribbon or backstage button from a VBA code.

You need to allow accessing your KXProcess method by adding a new method to the type library of your add-in.
Posted 15 Oct, 2014 09:01:53 Top