Excel Task Pane: Capturing a Range for Wizard

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Excel Task Pane: Capturing a Range for Wizard
How do I capture a selection range for a wizard? 
George Spears

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Delphi XE6. For Excel, I am writing a wizard which will run in a task pane for Excel. The user will choose an option in my wizard, and then I will ask "What is the column or row or range of data?" depending on the option they want in the wizard. My wizard will have an Edit box which will show what they have selected. How do I fill it in?

For example, they choose a Radio button which says "Process Range". Below that, there will be an edit box which shows the range they will be processing. They could type in B7:C30, or they could go to the spreadsheet and just select that Range. What is the proper way to capture that selection? (Keep in mind, at times it may be a row, a column, or a selection). As soon as they select it, I need to fill in the edit box in my Wizard.

George S
Posted 28 Aug, 2014 15:22:21 Top
Andrei Smolin

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