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smart tag & xml


I am not sure whether I am posting this in the right user group, but here is
my question:
I want to create a smart tag for xml node. Is it possibe to make a smart tag
for any xml node?
For example, I am loading an Xml file in word document with following

<FirstNode> Node 1 </FirstNode>

I want to recognize "FirstNode" which is an xml node as a smart tag.

Please let me know, if any one has any idea about it.
Posted 19 Oct, 2004 15:32:20 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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You can set the Kind property of the TadxSmartTag component to ktCustom and handle the OnRecognize event. In this case you will get all Word paragraphs in this event handler and will be able to recognize any word as a Smart Tag. The only obstacle I see here is multi-line nodes, i.e. nodes that take more than one string/paragraph.

ADX Support Team
Posted 20 Oct, 2004 09:08:56 Top