Call exisitng VBA procedures?

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Call exisitng VBA procedures?

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I am brand new to Add-In Express. My questions might be dumb but here goes.

I am creating a custom tab for Word 2010. I have already written VBA code inside Word and a userform. It performs all the tasks I needed to accomplish. My boss decided he wanted the functionality inside the ribbon instead of the userform. My add-in will have 1 tab, 2 groups, 1 dropdown and 4 buttons. Presently each button on the tab I created in Word or the userform I created inside Word calls a procedure inside a module or the userform I created.

1. Are those VBA procedures I already wrote available to call from the Word add-in I am starting to write?
2. Can I add buttons to the new tab inside Word or must all work be done inside Add-In Express?
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Andrei Smolin

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You can call a VBA macro using WordApp.Run. If you create an add-in, you need to create the ribbon UI in the add-in. If you create a Word document/template, you can create Ribbon controls right in the document.

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Andrei Smolin
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